Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tiptoeing Back into the Blogosphere

After many years away from my lovely blogs, I'm tip-toeing back in. I'm not sure if anyone even remembers me, as I was only out there for such a short while as my husband I were trying to figure out how to add to our family. I used to post as GLouise at "Waiting and Hoping," which pretty much sums up the hopeful, somewhat naive me in my mid-twenties...sweet, southern, hopeful, utterly crushed when our fertility treatments did not work out. And then hopeful again when we started the domestic adoption process. Everyone always marvels at how "easy" both of our adoptions were, thanks to all of the horror stories on Lifetime and news outlets... Our first daughter, Elle, is now five and we are in a totally open adoption with her birth mom, Tracie. We were in the delivery room when she was born, and the process could not have gone more smoothly, at least on our end. Our second child David ( I refer to my kids, I think I'll be using pieces of their real names here, just for some privacy on their behalf), was born almost exactly three years after Elle, and was a complete "surprise." As in, we had submitted our newly approved paperwork to our adoption agency just two weeks before we got "the call." That a baby boy was being born THE NEXT MORNING!! And, "are you interested?" (And, oh, by the way, there may be some health issues). Flash forward two years after that call... I'm now in my early thirties... err, 34, and as working mom of my two little (very active and dramatic, did I mention "active" )miracles, somewhat more tired and grumpy than when I last blogged :-) Angst must bring out the wannabe blogger/writer in me, because over the past few weeks, I've been in a flurry over these thoughts and situations, and itching to write out my thoughts and feelings... primarily centered on - "Can we have a third baby? Should we have a third baby? Will a third baby push me over the edge??" And consequently - should we look back into adoption or try other means? These questions in my head spurred me back to visit my dear old RE office...One that has relocated since I last visited it, SIX years ago!!... (to a much spiffier location, with a reflecting pond!) :-) Some future topics - - subject of said RE visit and outcome... - my crazy work schedule and how I am a psuedo- stay at home mom / stay at home mom wannabe - random adoption ramblings, including a visit (which entailed three nights in our home!) with my daughter's birth family (or first family, as it is more PC to say in the adoption community these days :-)) - random ramblings on my children's health...One child has crazy-serious asthma, the other is seemingly healthy, but underweight, so I am always obsessing about his food intake... I feel like I over think the prenatal exposure issues we learned about on that call I mentioned above - and why my period will not arrive, now that I need some follow up tests!!! Day 3, where are you?? Is that enough fodder for now? :-) Good grief, I have missed you all!!! G.